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  1. MattHogan
    Hi. This is Matt Hogan. I am from California working as a social media manager in India in FuGenX Technologies LLC at Bangalore.
  2. howlingfang
    howlingfang BattleSchool
    Hi. Regarding looking for players in Edmonton, AB: my email is I think this is what you meant by PM but I'm not sure as I'm new to gamesquad. Thanks for the super quick response, BTW.
    1. BattleSchool
      This works.

      A PM is a private message, which is now referred to as a "conversation" on GameSquad.

      Will email your contact details shortly.


      Mar 19, 2017
  3. nitro
    nitro King Scott
    Hi, I was wondering if this year you guys have recorded on PC/Mac/paper WCoast Melee's games ? If so, maybe I could get them and adding the data to AREA. Best Regards
  4. Bad Dice
    Bad Dice =FC=Gorgon
    I am interested in purchasing the Ozereyka Bay CG. Do I talk to you about where to buy it from?
    1. =FC=Gorgon
      Mar 15, 2017
  5. Xavier 658
    Xavier 658
    Back to what's left of Europe
  6. Bob Walters
    Bob Walters Pitman
    I am very much willing to help support your efforts. Please let me know the address.
  7. gulliver62
    gulliver62 dreenstra
    Hello, I found a post from 2014 about the Atlanta ASL group at Wasteland gaming? Is that group still active? I am a total Newb (unless you count all the AH gaming from High School era) and would really like to get into the hobby. I already have a lot of bits and pieces. Thanks in advance. Steve
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  8. Jim Bennett
    Jim Bennett
    Playing Red Barricades and GSASL-Operation Hercules (Attack on Island of Malta)
  9. Ray Woloszyn
    Ray Woloszyn resinaus
    Randy, I went ahead and booked airfare and registration for the Consim World Expo signing up for "Last Blitzkried." I already have a roommate for this event, Jeff Coyle, an old friend. If you plan to attend, there is a local gamer here who might be looking for a roommate and I can put you in touch with him. Otherwise, I think you can troll on the Expo thread.
    1. resinaus
      Thanks Ray. I think I am probably going to go as well. Will likely book into the Residence Inn across the street on points, and have Jamey Cribbs and Jeff Toreki as potentials to split the room. Looking forward to a lot of BCS and GMT Games.
      Feb 11, 2017
  10. rreinesch
    rreinesch Jazz
    Jazz, can I get you to make the ITR2 errata thread in BFP's subforum a sticky thread? Thanks.
    1. Jazz
      Check on me that i did it Forums software and all....
      Feb 5, 2017
  11. Jason Cameron
    Jason Cameron Perry
    thanks for the reply...I suspected as much from the rules. Funny thing is, in reality, the 7 FP CMG and the 3 FP AAMG are probably both based on the same weapon,; when dismounted, the 3 FP AAMG turns into a HMG...I suspect there is a bipod available in the HT for this to occur.
    I appreciate the reply. Jason
  12. jwoodall04
    Gnome Talmbout?
  13. Blackcloud6
    Blackcloud6 General Mayhem
    I've been told you are working on the VASL maps for Across the Aller I & I. Do you have an estimate of when they will be done? Thanks.
  14. Pushofpike
    Pushofpike DWPetros
    Ok. Thank you. If you care to ever play please ring me up
  15. xenophones
    xenophones Martin
    hello, a member of a french asl forum tell me that you have make an application for android & computer of the asl rules, does it you?
  16. buser333
    buser333 von Garvin

    I have been seeing you online quite a bit recently and noticed you had requested a game of Among the Ruins on Scenario Archive (which I see you've since played) and Hedgehog of Piepsk. You also have a game of Commissar's House you'd like to play. I would be up for either one.

    Sorry for the late response but for some reason I never get notices from Scenario Archive about accepted challenges.

  17. FrankJ
  18. Delirium
    Delirium Pitman
    Hi Mark, I have a query re the AP19 ssr5 setup in the rules questions forum - I would be grateful if you could provide a view.
  19. Delirium
    Delirium Pitman
    Hi Mark, I have a query re the AP19 ssr5 setup in the rules questions forum - I would be grateful if you could provide a view.
  20. Ickiestickie
    " what effect these men will have on the enemy, but by God, they terrify me."