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  1. charlie
    charlie Stewart
    Hi Stew
    I was wondering about the ASL for Fun stuff too. How about one of the early war ones. French Mustered looks about the smallest at a quick glance.
    My email if interested:
    1. Stewart
      Yeah, I'm more into the early war.
      Jan 9, 2018
    2. Stewart
      I'd love to do another video on One of his products (leftover games)...I like most of the maps...

      I'm PST (GMT-8) We'll have to work on the time.
      Jan 9, 2018
  2. M Faulkner
    M Faulkner
    I am back....
  3. Corporal Leoce
    Corporal Leoce von Garvin
    Von Garvin, Hello and Happy New Year. Please post Albany 2018 info in your Tournament calendar. Thanks. Joe Leoce
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  4. hayman
    hayman memory_lapse press
    Hey memory lapse press,
    Did anyone get back to you with the RateofFire #13 scenarios?
    I've been looking for them myself, if you were emailed them, could you pass them on to me?

  5. BW92
    BW92 bendizoid
    "Way to contradict yourself knuckhead"

  6. Hemaelstrom
  7. Blackcloud6
    Blackcloud6 General Mayhem
    Hi Pete: I asked in January if you were working of the CH Aller I & II maps. Has there been any progress? Is there any way I can help?
  8. Daver
    Daver btbroot
    Saw your post regarding the Guards 1 tournament. Our humble group in Kansas City, USA would like to support with a couple of prizes of our latest packs. Please email me privately, with an address to send to and I will take it from there.
    Dave Mareske, marketing director of KCASL Club
  9. Big Noodle
    Big Noodle
    Slogging bravely thru the snows of the great white north delivering the mail to the stranded citizens of Hayward
  10. semenza
    semenza wrongway149

    What should the American balance be in PAD 1 Time is Tight? Looks like a vehicle typo on the card.

    1. wrongway149
      yes it is a typo. Let me look at my notes tonight. Sorry for the delay.
      Nov 29, 2017
  11. Wild Weasel 1
    Wild Weasel 1
    Relearning ASL. Been away for 20+ years and basically starting over. Interested in play by VASL or in person.
  12. Zugführer
    Zugführer Honza
    Hi Honza!
    I ordered the reprint of the Hue module directly from CH too shortly after You wrote that You ordered it.
    Did You get the module?
    I am still waiting.
    Did CH charge You already too?
    Zugführer (aka Bjoern)
  13. Hemaelstrom
    I never excuse fingers
  14. StevenMiller
    The bad Tiger
  15. Nearmiss
    Nearmiss Lipka149
    You should come to Bitter Ender in Raliegh next year. I'm sure Doug already leaned on you about that.
  16. Khan-Dam
    Semper Fi - Sicut Aquila
  17. djohannsen
    djohannsen jrv
    You, sir, are way too kind and too generous with your time. Thank you very much for helping a novice along.
  18. Blackcloud6
    Blackcloud6 TurkeyHam
    I am interest in purchasing Victory Games' Tokyo Express -Guadalcanal Naval Campaign: 1942 & The Korean War June 1950- May 1951. How about $80 for both?
  19. WITT54
    WITT54 Alan Hume
    I am very interested even if the boxes are not complete by hollow legion code of bushido and gun ho and the counters of west of is for my circle of usual players and friends ..r with time and many trips our game boxes all have miising...
    I live in France
    thanks for your answer
  20. Nearmiss
    Nearmiss von Garvin
    E-mail is Please let me know where to send a check for registration.


    Tom Arnold (nearmiss)
    1. von Garvin
      von Garvin
      Hey Tom
      Just sent you an email

      Cheers :)

      Oct 9, 2017