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Latest Features

Far Cry 3 Map and Texture Pack Released for Minecraft

Screenshots: Oct 16, 2012 - Tags: Adventure, PC
Is it April Fools Day already?

Rise of the Automatons Expansion Released for Endless Space

Screenshots: Oct 02, 2012 - Tags: Strategy, PC
Free content update now on Steam.

Win Beta Spot for Hearts of Iron III: Their Finest Hour

Screenshots: Aug 23, 2012 - Tags: Strategy, PC
Do you have a heart of iron & a will of steel?

I Am Alive Coming Soon to PC

Screenshots: Aug 23, 2012 - Tags: Third-Person Action, PC
Experience the aftermath of The Event in September.

Of Orcs and Men Releases New Screenshots

Screenshots: Jul 30, 2012 - Tags: RPG, PC, PS3, X360
I wouldn’t want to get on the bad side of that Angry Orc.

Interview: Messier8 on Red Shift

Feature: Jul 12, 2012 - Tags: Strategy, PC
GameSquad talks to Elliott Hill about his forthcoming 4X title, Red Shift...

Preview: Kerbal Space Program

Preview: Jul 06, 2012 - Tags: Simulation, PC
Laughing all the way from Kearth to the Mun with Squad's space...

Wargame: European Escalation Gets Conquest DLC

Screenshots: Jul 06, 2012 - Tags: Strategy, PC
Screenshots of new battlefields released.

A Preview of Gemini Wars

Preview: Jun 06, 2012 - Tags: Strategy, PC
GameSquad takes a look at Camel 101’s forthcoming game of interstellar...

Endless Space Hits Retail in August

Screenshots: May 09, 2012 - Tags: Strategy, PC
Take control of the Dust and uncover the mysteries of Endless Space.

Ubisoft Announces Silent Hunter Online

Screenshots: Apr 26, 2012 - Tags: Simulation, PC
The Battle of the Atlantic goes free 2 play.

An Interview with Turbo Tape Games

Feature: Mar 28, 2012 - Tags: Strategy, PC
Jan Haugland explains why RTS fans should be excited about Naval War:...

Game of Thrones RPG Screenshots Released

Screenshots: Feb 29, 2012 - Tags: Action-RPG, PC, PS3, X360
Discover Castlewood with six new images.

Gary Grigsby’s War in the East Don to the Danube Screenshots Released

Screenshots: Feb 17, 2012 - Tags: Strategy, PC
The first official expansion gets 8 new images in anticipation of imminent...

Miner Wars Affiliate Competition Results Announced

Screenshots: Feb 13, 2012 - Tags: Simulation, PC, X360
New screenshots also released of Russian and Chinese space stations....

Battle Academy – Operation Sealion Is Now Available

Screenshots: Jan 17, 2012 - Tags: Strategy, PC
Storm across the English Channel and tackle the latest expansion.

New Screenshot Released for Tribes: Ascend

Screenshots: Jan 09, 2012 - Tags: Shooter, PC
Check out the Arx Novena map.

Warlock: Master of the Arcane Closed Beta Announced

Screenshots: Dec 07, 2011 - Tags: Strategy, PC
Become a legendary Mage in the Majestic world of Ardania.

Screenshots Released for CMBN: Commonwealth Forces

Screenshots: Dec 07, 2011 - Tags: Simulation, PC
The Churchill and King Tiger never looked so good.

New Screenshots for Distant Worlds: Legends

Screenshots: Oct 26, 2011 - Tags: Strategy, PC
Winner of space creature contest also announced!