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Updated: 9 hours 31 min ago

Heroes of Stalingrad

Fri, 01/31/2014 - 23:47
Well guys, it looks like after taking a long break from wargames, I'm about to take the plunge again with this one:

It's been in development for what seems like forever, leading one person to write in the Matrix forum: "All quiet on the Eastern front." :laugh: Anyway, I think I would really enjoy a game like this with story-based branching campaigns for both the Germans and Russians. It's unclear to me if there will be any rpg elements in the game, but that would be icing on the cake if there was.
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Combat Mission Red Thunder

Thu, 01/30/2014 - 19:06
Very excited. With a whole host of new lovely features like flames, hit decals, AI triggers, AA shooting down planes etc etc.

This aswell as John Tillers Panzer Battles (after reading the 30 page thread about it over at The Blitz forum I am very interested) is good news for me and my wargame entertainment.
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Fri, 01/24/2014 - 10:45
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New Middle earth game

Fri, 01/24/2014 - 07:38
Well started watching the vid with low expectations..and yes it does seem like Assassins Creed..however the vid dragged me right in and it does look pretty darn fun.
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Candy Trademarked by the makers of Candy Crush Saga

Thu, 01/23/2014 - 19:33
What.The.F***K. Who allows this to happen in the first place. Also, Apple is mentioned, and considering how Apple likes to do business... :hush:

I posted the video in another thread but in all honesty, I think this could warrant a discussion all on its own. And for the record, I don't play that stupid game.
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Best places to post my cyberpunk, TBS\CCG Kickstarter project online?

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 10:00
Hey all,

I've a game dev looking for strategy\tactics gamer communities and found Gamesquad.
I'm going to launch a Kickstarter for my turn-based, collectible tactics game this spring and was looking for ideas on where to start posting.

I'll certainly hit you guys up when we're ready.

What other sites \ forums do you guys enjoy?
What news outlets do you use most ?

Our own website isn't quite done, but you should get the gist of it here: CoreTechs Tactics

Cheers everybody,
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Redemption of EGArena

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 03:11
################################################## ###
Redemption of EGArena

Official webpage:
Official forum:
Official facebook:
Official Twitter:
SKILL EXP: 2000x
WEXP: 40x
PET EXP: 1500x
DROP RATE: 100x -> 200x
ITEM DROP: 1 -> 2
ALZ DROP: 50x -> 60x
ALZ BOMB: 50x -> 60x

Dedicate Server Information:
CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-4770 Quad-Core Haswell
RAM: 32 GB
Connection: 1 Gbit/s UP/Down
DDOS Protected

Redemption Rapture features:
24/7 Up-time and professional Support
Cheats Custom Protection (Cheat Logger and BlackList activated so if you use cheats you will be listed on our logs and will get banned. Proof Image)
All the server's configuration has been re-modified in that way that all players can enjoy playing without any lag or any unpleasant encounters.

Leveling system removed and replace with Redeem Ranks
R.Rank max for the moment is 30 and each redeem ranks has 10 Redeems
The redeeming is based on the redeem coins that drop from the mobs.

In redemption we give you the possibility to start with class rank 20 and battle mode 3 among much more! Starting with class rank 20 means that you don't need to do those long and boring class rank quests anymore!
Mission War (TG runs at certain times, every 4 hours).
Saint's Forcecalibur Boss in LakeSide every week.
Daily Boss Raids with unique drops.
Auction house allows 3 slotted items to be listed.
Alz drop limit increased to 1 mil instead of the standard 30000.
EP 10 Skills.
EP 10 Archridium Sets + Custom Made.
EP 10 Archridium Weapons + Custom Made.
EP 10 BM3 Synergys.
YUL Event System Working.

Website features:
-Item Customize'r
-Rankings characters
-Characters manager
-Stats manager
-Nation manager
-Redeem manager
-Vote System with reward
-Convert Vote Tickets

Important Upcoming updates:
-Increasing the HP limit so players can have above 65353 so we will increase the R.Rank to have very strong characters
-New Gladiator Class(but not by replacing and old one,adding it like it should be as a new class)
-New Website that will be a lot faster and secure and with a totally new design

################################################## ###
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Top 10 F2P Games

Tue, 01/21/2014 - 01:17
This is an interesting list:

Quote: Crossfire, $957 million
League of Legends, $624 million
Dungeon Fighter Online $426 million
World of Tanks, $372 million
Maplestory, $326 million
Lineage I, $257 million
World of Warcraft, $213 million
Star Wars: The Old Republic, $139 million
Team Fortress 2, $139 million
Counter-Strike Online, $121 million Never heard of Crossfire. :)
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The Last Federation

Fri, 01/17/2014 - 23:24
Arcen's AI War is one of my favorite sci-fi 4X games of all time. So I am thrilled to learn that they are finally returning to the genre with The Last Federation! Details are finally starting to leak out:

Quote: Remember, You Are A Mercenary
This game is very different from other strategy games, in that you are not remotely a Major Power in the solar system. You are puny. By the end of the game, you might be 1/100th the strength of one of the factions on the map.

This might remind you somewhat of AI War, but unlike AI War I would not classify this as a David vs Goliath situation. In AI War, you are directly facing off against the AI -- in TLF, you don't really have any "opponents," per se.

You have various people trying to kill you at various times, sure -- and you may anger some race to the point that they hate you forever, sure. And yeah, okay, there are pirates, assassins, and Anti-Federation Alliance people that might specifically be sent to kill you. But those last three are more on your scale, they aren't major planetary powers.

Your role is to run contracts throughout the solar system, which typically involves combat of your fleet versus another fleet or in some cases fleets. Through your actions, you either coerce, convince, or bargain with the major powers to do what you want. And you exploit holes in their forces to do so, as they war against each other, and try to become more powerful, etc. It's amazing what you can do as the little guy. The combat details in that preview are also quite interesting:

Quote: Now let's use the awesome combination calculator. Since we have 10 different kinds of ships, out of which you can choose up to 10, repeats allowed, that is a whopping 92,378 possible fleet makeups you can have. But then you have the pilots added on -- 8 different choices, applied to 10 kinds of ships, again with repeats allowed. That's a further 19,448 different ways that you can choose your pilots. To get the unique number of squadrons+pilot combinations, you multiply those together and get... 1,796,567,344.

1.8 billion? Not bad for variety, I'd say -- you have some room for creativity. ;) If my math is wrong, someone please correct me and I'll update the post. Those numbers seem egregiously high to me, to be honest, but I can't find fault with my formulas, so... Anyway, one way or another, the numbers are really big.


The Goal Of Combat
In most types of combat, the combat ends when one of the two "centerpiece" ships is destroyed. When talking about military fleets, that's always a flagship of some kind. If you're doing something like raiding a freighter convoy or a spy squad, though, then the centerpiece would be a freighter or an armed spy drone, respectively.

Once the enemy centerpiece is destroyed, you win the combat. Or if they destroy your flagship, then you lose. The entire game, because you just died -- not just that one battle. Sometimes retreating from a battle that is unwinnable is the only thing you can really do.


This isn't a twitch game, but at an advanced level of play, adjusting your trajectories in response to enemy actions is a good thing to be doing. I should also mention that both your ships and enemy ships "lead" their targets (again unlike AI War), so you may be wondering "why the heck did that ship just shoot over there at that empty space?" and then the shot collides with something that was on a trajectory to be there at the time the bullet arrives. This is one of those cases where, if the shot from the enemy is slow enough and from far enough away, you can change trajectories of your ships to get out of its way. And lots of other great stuff!

Come on, Arcen! Make another brilliant strategy game!
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Free Steam Weekend Games

Fri, 01/17/2014 - 12:16
Free to play this weekend are Saints Row IV and Company of Heroes 2. Wish I had more time. :(
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Paradox Hints at Two New Games

Thu, 01/16/2014 - 02:36
My new favorite developer of all time, Paradox, is hinting at two new games. Here are the hints:

Project Nero:


Project Armstrong:!


Awesome artwork! Any ideas? Attached Images
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TikiOne Steam Cleaner

Thu, 01/16/2014 - 02:01
Saw this funny comic:


LOL! Anyway, one of those internet thangs where one thing leads to another...and I found this in the comments section of this comic's thread:

Quote: The good old time:

When you installed a video game from a CD or a DVD, you installed some redistributable packages too: DirectX, Games For Windows Live Redist, VC Redist, Rapture3D, NVidia PhysX Redist, etc. They were installed from the CD/DVD, and those installers didn't stay on your hard drive.

Now, Steam, the problem:

The Steam application allows you to download games from the Internet and install them, but what about these redistributable packages ? You probably saw they are installed the first time you launch your game, OK, but what happens to these files when they go wasted ? The answer is very simple: Steam doesn't delete them. An example: install the first complete season of Sam & Max (6 episodes): every episode is about ~300MB. For each of them, you can count 100MB for the DirectX redistributable package. Yes, it is about a third of the game files size, and they are not removed by Steam. For 6 episodes, you could save 600MB. Imagine what you could save for 10 or 20 games.

The solution:

A little tool that is able to list every redistributable package stored on your Steam directories, and allows you to remove them. This is the goal of TikiOne-Steam-Cleaner. This is a very simple program: set the Steam SteamApps folder (this is a sub-folder of the Steam application), click "Search", you choose what file or folder you want to remove. I gave this program a try and it recovered over 1.6 gigs of HDD space by deleting redistributables! No detected problems so far.

Here's the link: Attached Images
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Catlateral Damage

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 15:47
I think cats are starting to go supernova on the popularity front:

Catlateral Damage is a free game about being a cat who is also a jerk

Quote: That headline is misleading, of course. All cats are jerks. Even that one you really like. Especially that one you really like. Still, it's hard to blame the little fluffy bundles of destruction. I mean, if you went through your entire life with deadly weapons attached to your hands, you'd probably be a bit psychotic too. Just look at every FPS protagonist throughout the history of games. :D

The thing the game needs the most is better dynamic destruction. When I knock a TV to the floor, I want fireworks! :D And a meow of victory! :bite:
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NorbSoft's Next Game: Waterloo

Sat, 01/11/2014 - 16:04
I have to be honest, this makes me very sad:

*vid removed* [watch vid here:]

NorbSoft makes great wargames, so I will probably buy this. Heck, I haven't played a Napoleonics game in about two decades, so it will be a change of pace if nothing else. But I am still very disappointed. Scourge of War was the premier ACW wargame franchise...but now we are moving on to a different conflict already. :cry: Disappointed, especially seeing how many great ACW battles remain to be explored. Well, I can hope we get some ACW mods for the new engine at least.

With that one (big) disappointment, the game sounds great. The screenshots show a much improved graphics engine, and the new features they are endeavoring to add, especially to the campaign, sound fantastic.

The game is still in concept stage, but they are shooting for the anniversary of the battle as a release date.

EDIT: It seems like the vid has been suddenly marked private. I'll keep it there in case it was a mistake and/or they are holding it for a later announcement.

EDIT 2: Getting further into the vid. Norbsoft have said that they will be returning to the ACW, but not until after Waterloo is released and the new engine has been fleshed out. So that reassures me a bit. :)

EDIT 3: Just got to the end of the vid where Jim said that they are considering a new business model where they will make and maintain the engine, but the community will make the battles with the powerful mod tools they are planning on releasing. In others words, Norbsoft *might* (Jim said they were still figuring out how this will work) be moving from selling discreet battles as expansions to selling a highly moddable battle engine that the community can use for other battles. At least that is the gist I got.
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Ultimate General: Gettysburg

Fri, 01/10/2014 - 17:29
This looks fantastic:

Quote: Ultimate General: Gettysburg features

Initially on PC, we don’t have resources yet to provide top quality 3D graphics. But we will definitely offer something unique in gameplay making graphics a secondary concern, especially for the hardcore strategy gamers. Lower system requirements will make Ultimate General: Gettysburg playable on any PC (Windows and Mac OS).
On the tablets however, with Ultimate General: Gettysburg we aim to revolutionize the strategy gaming. We will offer real time gameplay similar to Total War games, meaning that you will see hundreds, even thousands of soldiers fighting in the battlefield. This is not an easy task for a tablet so this is why we try to reach the best compromise between quality of graphics and game performance. Since we are still researching this matter, the current promotional images do not represent the final graphics of the game, but surely give a good idea on how the game will look.
Now lets talk a bit more about the main features:

Dynamic campaign: You can fight the Battle of Gettysburg as a Union or Confederate general and attempt to rewrite history through a chain of historical and “what if” battle scenarios. Gettysburg Battle is divided into time parts and according to the outcome you progress to the next engagement with the enemy. Your performance in battles is crucial for your future missions. If for example you lose too many soldiers to capture Cemetery Hill on the 1st day you may trigger a speculative scenario battle which you will be unable to win. Those who remember old times favourite Sid Meier's Gettysburg will understand the above mentioned campaign logic.

Battlefield full of soldiers: Each unit represents a brigade scaled to hundreds of men. Infantry, cavalry and artillery move in line or column formations, exchange gunfire or melee and generally fight realistically, resembling real troops of the American Civil War era that you observe from high altitude.

Intuitive and easy controls: By creating movement paths with the mouse on your PC or by finger gesturing on your tablet, you can command your army with ease. Furthermore, there are only a few buttons to issue additional orders, because your units have a self-awareness system that makes them to react to threats without the need of micromanagement.

Realistic Morale and Fatigue: Demoralised troops become irresponsive, devastating volleys cause havoc in your lines, flank attacks can rout your strongest units, tired troops fight less effectively and many more similar tactical aspects require your deep strategy planning.

Terrain Advantage: High ground provides realistic bonuses such as increased weapon ranges, accuracy and morale bonuses. Capturing hills will be crucial especially for artillery, giving significant advantage to range and line of sight.

Challenging AI with no cheats: Ultimate General will be one of the few games where AI will not use traditional game cheats or hidden tricks to fight player. The innovative Ultimate General AI, represented by AI characters such as "Careless", "Indecisive", “Defensive”, “Cautious”, “Cunning”, “Aggressive” or “Dynamic” will be sufficient enough to defeat you on medium or higher difficulty levels, if you are not careful enough. I believe this is a pre-alpha screenshot:


According to a recent forum post, the release is going to be "early 2014"! :hurray:

I am glad to see game devs are finally offering some new titles for the 150th anniversary of the ACW. I just wish this was a different battle, like Shiloh maybe, because Scourge of War already did a great job with Gettysburg. Still, I'll take it! Attached Images
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Battle of Wesnoth

Thu, 01/09/2014 - 08:44
Has anyone else played this Indie Sword and Sorcery strategy game? Scott recommended it a while back, I thought I'd give it a try, and thus far I am moderately impressed. It reminds me of a slightly less advanced graphically Age of Wonders 2 without the grand strategy maps and 4X stuff like city improvements and research. From what I've seen, the game seems to be structured in a large series of campaigns (including fan made ones) that are heavily story-driven (like AoW2). Further, with the reasonably good overall presentation, it does have something of an epic feel to it. Anyway, I would say the same thing about this game that Kevin vanOrd at Gamespot said about Path of Exile. That is, in the couple of hours I've been playing it I've had an almost embarrassing amount of fun considering that I haven't had to pay a dime. I think this game will do nicely for my sword and sorcery strategy fix while I'm waiting for Age of Wonders 3 due out sometime this year.

PS.....Actually, my enjoyment of the totally free Wesnoth is not embarrassing. What is though is the couple hundred I dropped last year on games I didn't like. :o
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Alien: Isolation

Tue, 01/07/2014 - 16:32
A new Alien game from Creative Assembly has been revealed:

Alien: Isolation preview: hands-on with Creative Assembly's ambitious sci-fi horror

Quote: The game is bound for next-gen consoles, although the code I played was running on a PC. When I say that it's a PC game, though, I'm not just talking about technology - I'm talking about design. Scripted sequences will likely be part and parcel of the experience, but this is a systems-driven game at its heart. It's an alien simulator, and that's why it's so exciting. Like Amnesia, it's the kind of game that has the power to generate anecdotes. Creative Assembly say that after your first encounter with the alien, it won't simply spring into each level at a pre-scripted moment. It'll show up if you make too much noise or give yourself away in other ways, making this a game-long hunt in addition to a stage-by-stage one. If this works, it'll be tremendously impressive. I have little confidence in movie-themed games. Plus, this is Creative Assembly - the people who stumble badly with non-Total War games, not to mention recently stumbling WITH Total War games. :rolleyes:

No pre-order from me! :D

BTW: Isn't it interesting how the big studios are taking note of the "run and hide" games being made by indie studios? I have yet to find a "run and hide" game that has interested me thematically, so I definitely like the idea of a sci-fi game with that mechanic.
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Steam Being Hit with a DDOS Attack

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 17:15
I noticed that Steam was really sluggish last night but I thought it might be a problem on my end. Nope. DDOS attack in progress:

Steam, Origin DDoSed?

Quote: Steam is suffering from connectivity issues, and attempts to use various aspects of Valve's online service return "118" errors, which say: "Unable to connect to server. Server may be offline or you may not be connected to the internet." Shacknews notes a pair of twitter users are claiming to be behind the Steam outage, but Valve has not yet officially responded to the situation. Likewise, Polygon notes hacking group DERP is taking responsibility/credit for knocking EA's Origin offline with a distributed denial of service attack, but this seems to have ended, as EA tweets that Origin is back online, while Steam is still having problems as of this writing.
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2014 Preview from RPGS

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 16:14
Rock Paper Gloria Steinem has Part I of a comprehensive preview of coming games in 2014. Seems like a lot is front-loaded into March:

No surprise with some of the bigger names on that list (well, except for the mention of an April release for the first module of Star Citizen). but some smaller stuff was interesting. I am thrilled to hear TellTale is making a Borderlands point and click:

It's funny but the other day I was thinking that Borderlands has enough character and "soul" to be a TV show or movie. Looks like others are realizing the potential for more than just a shooter, too. :)
I want the next AMC series to be about Borderlands! A sci-fi western: what's not to love?

Some other stuff on that list sounds good, but it is too early to get excited.
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